Return on Experience (ROE) Workshop

The Need to Demonstrate Value

Organizations are increasingly turning to data to make decisions, to set priorities and to allocate available resources. This puts greater demands on design professionals to articulate what they deliver, including:

  • Evaluating what, where and how design changes can deliver value to the organization and its end users

  • Supporting a learning organization with evaluation data to inform the products/services strategy, priorities and design decisions

Building Evaluation Design Capabilities

Design organizations are well positioned to add evaluation methods and reporting to their existing practices because they work closely with end users through research.

Using the ROE framework, an Evaluation Designer will take research data and design an evaluation strategy for the project that maps to the organization’s values. Collaborating with stakeholders a plan will be developed of what to measure, when and how. 

Workshop Overview

In this one day class, you’ll discover how to lay the foundations for a solid design evaluation practice. Our ROE tools and framework will help you make your organization more customer-centric, strategic and results-oriented.  

Who should attend

Design leaders, designers, project and product managers.


  • Articulate the benefits of evaluating designs

  • Learn the ROE Framework, tools and methods

  • Practice using and applying the framework through case studies 

  • Measuring and reporting on value and impact

What you’ll leave knowing how to do

  • How to identify user experience goals for your product or service, as well as business drivers

  • Validate values and user goals with stakeholders and align with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Develop an ROE hypothesis

  • Design and conduct an evaluation strategy

  • Measure, report and communicate for impact

  • Map the evaluation framework and steps to the organization’s design operations

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