Our services


for the PEOPLE


We help you understand the service experiences of your customers - students, faculty and staff. We use a number of design methods including user research, journey, touchpoint and experience mapping, and service blueprinting to uncover pain-points and opportunities for service improvements. We uncover the needs that your customers can't tell you.

services design

Armed with research and insights, we work with you to design and implement solutions that deliver the highest impact and value for your campus.

with a PURPOSE

Services strategy

We believe in the value of design as a discipline to help campuses visualize and understand their strategic service improvement opportunities. We work cross-functionally and holistically to reveal core ecosystems (people, policy, process and technology). We work to facilitate and synthesize ideas into long term solutions where multiple parts of the organization are involved.   

Return on Experience (ROE) Analysis and Workshops

Service improvement changes are often delayed or not undertaken because of the perceived cost. We show you how to evaluate the cost/benefit of improving service touchpoints by looking at the initial development and ongoing costs against the tangible and intangible improvements experienced by your customers, for example,  improved efficiency, greater self-service, higher satisfaction, confidence and trust, etc.

Learn how to build an ROE evaluation strategy for your organization (ROE Workshop).


change management

We know that large systems changes, like replacing a Student Information System (SIS) can significantly impact large portions of a campus and the many people it serves. Preparing for this kind of change, and projecting the impact on the student experience, can be daunting for the project team. With our knowledge, we work outside-in to map out core student and faculty journeys, and to understand the current service experiences. Then, we help you contrast the old and new service experiences for your launch roadmaps and design change management communications and training content for your customers.


We design and deliver UAT to assess and validate the impact of changes in user experiences related to a SIS or large technology change.


workshops and training

We help you develop your in-house design capabilities. Topics might include design studio, touchpoint mapping, design thinking, prototyping, improv and service design.


We help campuses take advantage of the interests and talents of their students by organizing hackathons or design events in support of campus needs, ex: engaging students in designing solutions to raise awareness around Mental Health, or to address Food Security.

Student Innovation Initiatives

Many campuses are looking for ways to harness the creativity and problem solving skills of their students through the formation of a Student Innovation Program. We can help you design a program office that will facilitate engagement between student groups and appropriate sponsors and stakeholders.