Designing services for the moments that matter

The Power of Design and of Designed Services

We believe in the power of design to improve how people navigate and experience the world in pursuit of their goals. Good service is purposefully designed and co-created with your customers - students, faculty and staff.

We know that students must navigate many administrative service touchpoints before entering, and while attending college. In delivering these services, there are moments that matter to students and where service failures can negatively impact reputation, erode trust and lower retention.

Our Approach

We are a human-centered service design agency

We work outside-in at the intersection of people and technology.

We help you navigate complex ecosystems (people, policy, process and technology). We understand what it takes to make changes to large business systems, and that success or failure will be evaluated at the many touchpoints and through the service experiences of the people being served.

We know that strategic design choices enable an organization to realize the greatest value and impact from their technology investments and that good design can be measured and create a return on experience (ROE).

Bernadette Geuy

Bernadette Geuy

I am a service design strategist and change maker. I created Power of Design Services to focus on improving service experiences in higher education. My passion is in finding ways to improve student experiences and to support students' academic successes.

I have worked in Higher Ed for more than 11 years and most recently as the Design Lead for a large and complex Student Information Systems replacement project (SIS) at the University of California, Berkeley.  In addition to service design, I have an extensive background in information technology and in a variety of product management, engineering management, marketing and business development roles. Throughout my career, I have been known as a problem solver and for my strong customer advocacy; always striving to remedy poor service experiences.  


BA and MBA - University of California, Berkeley


Service Design Network - Co-founder of the San Francisco chapter


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Daphne Ogle

Daphne Ogle

I am a self professed user advocate. I have specialized in creating positive user experiences for over 20 years as both a consultant and as an internal designer.

I have broad experience within the user experience umbrella (including roles such as business analyst, high tech anthropologist, usability expert, ‘voice of the customer’ strategist, project manager and experience design lead) that allow me to see a problem from many different perspectives.  In my current role as a Senior Service Designer, I co-design holistic customer-focused services with users and stakeholders.

I have worked in a variety of industries such as education, healthcare, pharmaceutical and security, allowing her to leverage successful approaches across industries. 


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters in Human-Computer Interaction - University of Michigan.

The Team

We work with a number of associates that collectively have decades of experience in Higher Education, plus in service and experience design.

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